UK broker review: EXANTE

UK broker review: EXANTE

We are committed to providing traders with in-depth and valuable information on brokers, and in this review, we are looking at EXANTE. For those who are not familiar with the EXANTE, it is a global investment company that was founded in Malta, in 2011 by Gatis Eglitis, Alexey Kirienko, and Anatoliy Knyazev.

Over the years, EXANTE has gained a justified reputation for being one of the brokers with the most impressive product ranges in the European sphere. It also has robust privacy policies that ensure client information is treated properly, and it is compliant with UK and European Union regulations with regards to fund security and data protection. Today, it has over $2 billion AUM and clients from over 100 countries across continents.

In this Exante UK review, we will focus on the broker’s background, offerings, and key features. We will also discuss its compliance and regulation with a focus on the UK, and some of the commissions and fees the broker charges.

Background: EXANTE’s founders, headquarters, vision

EXANTE was founded by Gatis Eglitis, Alexey Kirienko, and Anatoliy Knyazev in Malta in 2011. The three founders established the investment company with the hope that they can connect traders and markets, as they believed that all traders should have access to the financial markets regardless of their experience level and location.

Aside from bridging the gap between traders and markets, they wanted to create a professional and innovative trading solution that can allow traders to invest in a sophisticated environment. The founders have a strong background in trading and investment, computer science, mathematics, and business development, making it the perfect combination for starting a global brokerage business.

EXANTE today: a global investment company

What started in Malta in 2011 as a local investment company has since expanded to become a global broker with clients from all over the world. Over the years, the United Kingdom became one of the key locations for EXANTE, and today it has offices in London. It also operates in Cyprus and Hong Kong.

The broker is licensed and authorised by the FCA in the United Kingdom, the SFC in Hong Kong, the MFSA in Malta, and the CySEC in Cyprus. It also offers its product offering and access to global markets to traders in the European Union, and it is therefore compliant with the MiFID-II framework and GDPR. This means that UK and EU traders can ensure their funds and personal information are being protected when they open an account with EXANTE.

What products does EXANTE offer?

EXANTE offers an impressive array of over 600,000 financial instruments, including 50 FX pairs, 24,000 individual stocks, a range of state and private bonds, precious and industrial metals, over 500,000 options, and access to over 30 global futures markets. This is a generous offer catalogue, and those who are eager to build a balanced investment portfolio will find it very easy to do so with the broker.

What fees does EXANTE charge?

On its trading and investment products, EXANTE offers competitive spreads and rates that vary depending on the type of instrument being traded and the size of the trade. Commissions are charged for trade execution and clearing, and they vary as well. There are no charges on fund deposits, which clients can do in multiple currencies including GBP, EUR, USD, and CHF. There is a small fee of 30 EUR when it comes to fund withdrawal. EXANTE is not responsible for any additional charges that may incur from users’ banks and e-Wallets when they are making withdrawals, deposits, and currency conversions, so users should double-check when performing these actions.

What trading platform does EXANTE offer?

EXANTE does not offer trading on MT4 or MT5. However, it does offer its own innovative trading platform, the EXANTE trading platform. This is available on mobile, desktop, and tablet. It has a comprehensive and clear design, and traders can gain access to EXANTE’s entire product offering in over 50 markets from one multi-currency account.

The EXANTE trading platform is a product of the founders’ dedication to innovation in trading software development. It offers a clean and clear trading chart interface that is highly customisable with timeframes that range from a few minutes to a month, and charts are sharable with other traders regardless of whether they have an EXANTE account. The platform is also compatible with third-party plugins and EXANTE’s own HTTP API, so more experienced traders can have the chance to build their own applications to support their trading journey.

EXANTE account opening: how to get started

EXANTE offers two live account options. They are individual and corporate. Individual accounts are suitable for retail traders, and they have a minimum deposit requirement of 10,000 GBP/EUR. Corporate accounts are suitable for business owners, and they have a minimum deposit of 50,000 GBP/EUR. There are also various verification requirements that traders must meet before they can confirm their account and begin trading the live markets. All live account users can place trades on EXANTE’s bespoke platform, which offers 100% live rates and ultra-low latency for efficient execution.

Demo accounts are also available, and they are free of charge to those who register with EXANTE. Demo traders can also access the full range of EXANTE’s trading catalogue, but market data is delayed by 30 minutes. Demo traders receive virtual funds of 1,000,000 EUR to hone their skills, and this balance can be reset at any time.

EXANTE review: our verdict

Overall, EXANTE is a fantastic platform for traders of all levels of experience. It has a wide range of trading tools on its bespoke trading platform, which is clean and well-designed. There is an impressive range of financial instruments available for traders who want to create a thoroughly diverse portfolio, and trading can be done in various currencies, including GBP. For UK traders who are looking for a change or are new to the trading scene, EXANTE offers a smooth trading experience with superior features that can be customised as you build your trading skills.

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